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1. Online Classes:

Online classes have their pros and cons. The pros are I can wake up 5 mins before class and do class in my pajamas. Another benefit of online classes was the ability to rewatch lectures after the fact. However, they were incredibly difficult to maintain focus and not to get distracted by everything and anything.

2. Uncertainty

This is both for school and personal life. Covid has led to a world of uncertainty, however in PT school this included constantly changing schedules, quarantine due to possible exposures, and having absolutely no clue what was going 93% of the time.

3. Clinic Cancellation

In the spring I was in one of my short term clinical rotations when the Covid-19 outbreak began. This led me to being “kicked” out of clinic only half way through the rotation due to safety concerns. In the summer, much of our clinic time was spent on Telehealth. Finally this fall our rotation was once again cut in half to ensure our entire class was able to get their rotations in prior to the expected second wave.

4. Hands on Learning

With online classes, we have lost out on a lot of hands on time in the classroom. Luckily my program has done a terrific job at supplementing our online classes to help us learn hands on skills.

5. Structure

There has been both an increased and total loss of structure. On one hand there has been an increase in structure due to all of the guidelines we must now follow. However, there has also been a total loss of structure with the constant changes that we are subject to.

6. Technological Issues

Whether it is Telehealth or for class, there is always going to be a technological issue. I have definitely learned none of us are computer science majors.

7. Increased Fear for my patients

Many of the patients we work with are older, have many of the risk factors for covid and also may not have health insurance. This causes me to have a tremendous amount of fear, and makes me take a lot of precautions to ensure I am doing everything possible to keep my patients safe.

8. Telehealth

I know this part of the future of Physical Therapy; buttttttttt I really dislike technology. I do feel as though telehealth forces me to become a better clinician as it forces you to very clearly explain what you want to your patient.

9.Lack of Social Interaction

This has been something everyone has had to deal with. It was extremely nice seeing everyone in my class when we were able return in person.

10. Personal development

With the increased amount of free time, I have tried to read more, earn certifications( NASM-CPT, PES; ISSA-SSN), and pursue more passion projects(@compass_performance)

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