Going through Physical Therapy school is tough. You don’t only have class 8-5 most days, but you are also required to study after class. On top of that we are expected to stay up to date on current research. Finding time to work and make money can be extremely tough.

In order, to find money for rent, food, or a night out on the town, you need to get creative. Here are some of the ways I have made money throughout both undergrad and graduate school.

Academic Ways:

Graduate Assistant: 

I had the opportunity as a Graduate Assistant for our CardioVascular Pulmonary Class.  As a Grad Assistant I tutored and held review sessions for students in the class below me who were taking CVP.

Research Assistant: 

Through out my undergrad I had the opportunity to be paid as a Research Assistant.  I assisted in multiple research studies.

Utilizing Knowledge:


I have the opportunity to help mentor a few individuals through the Physical Therapy School application process.  This is an extremely confusing and stressful time.  I serve as someone who has completed it before and can help students strengthen their application.

Writing Blogs:

This is something new.  But people are always looking to add content for their website/blog.  Find topics you are extremely knowledgeable about and someone will probably willing to pay you

Traditional Jobs:


Waitoring is a tough thing to do during college.  Hours are unpredictable as you are never really sure when you will get off work.  The money is good, however that is also unpredictable; Some nights you will make a ton, and others you will walk away with nothing.


I have worked at a shoe store throughout the entire time I have been in PT school.  This has been a cool experience as it forces you to think “clinically” but with shoes.  What I like about retail work,  Hours and money is predictable and known.  This makes scheduling and planning much easier.  Cons are you don’t make nearly as much and you have to deal with “Karens”

Floor Cleaning:

This was one of the weirder jobs I have ever had.  I would go to the place where they print stamps and birth certificates.  Here I would mop and clean the floor for 5 hours every Wednesday Night. And at the end of every night I would receive $100 check.


Research Studies: 

Being heavily involved in a research lab I always knew of other studies that were going on.  Any study that was offering money to their participants, I was making sure to be one of those subjects.  This led me to run for an hour at oxygen levels about half of normal , drinking beet juice every morning for a month and giving my blood and urine.  But money is money

Giving Blood Plasma: 

Blood Plasma is typically replaced naturally within 24-48 hours.  So when you offer me $60+ per donation, bet believe I will give you my blood plasma

Finding Value:


Improving my knowledge and understanding of investing has been invaluable.  Although, I don’t have much in the stock market, I have been able to generate a decent invest portfolio by consistently investing change I would normally throw away on something dumb and don’t need.  Instead I try to invest it and let it grow In the stock market.

Facebook Marketplace: 

I have found decent success, buying and reselling golf clubs on Facebook Marketplace.

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