A common theme I see on my timeline is accounts claiming that BMI is absolute “shit”. Yes BMI is not a perfect measurement and is not able to take into account many variables; but to say it is a useless measurement…. is absurd. In athletic populations (yes this includes your typical active gym going person), BMI overestimates your body fat and underestimates muscle mass; leading some to be considered overweight or even obese.  Heck, according to BMI, I am considered overweight.  However, for the general population which makes up the majority of the people, BMI is an incredibly easy/inexpensive and useful piece of information.  If a doctor or healthcare personnel is basing their opinion of your health entirely on your BMI, you should find a new Doctor.  Your health is incredibly complicated and the goal is to get as many quick inexpensive measurements to best understand your health.


What is BMI good for?
BMI has an extremely high correlation with
📈All cause mortality
📈Cardiovascular disease
📈Severity of Covid Symptoms
📈Occupational injuries
📈Sports injuries


So yes, BMI has its flaws and it should not be the only measurement your doctor or yourself is using to make judgements about your health. But in terms of its use in creating an efficient and cost effective healthcare system for the majority of people, BMI is a measurement that will never go away.


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