Learning how to properly progress and regress exercises is absolutely critical. However, sometimes progressions are taken too far and that leads to people performing squats on Yoga balls.

Here are my top 5 ways to progress a squat:

#1: Increase the weight:

Sometimes it is important not to get too fancy. Adding weight to the bar will always be a good progression option

#2: Frequency

Another great option is to increase the number of times you are squatting throughout the week. Adding a couple extra sets throughout the week is a great way to add some serious volume to your training.

#3 Bar/Weight Position

Altering where the weight and bar are located can significantly alter the demands of the squat.

Air squats ➡️ Goblet Squats➡️Front Squats ➡️ Zercher Squats ➡️ Back squat ➡️ Split Squat ➡️ Overhead Squat

#4: Range of Motion

Once again this all depends on the goal of the exercise. Now every gym rat will argue “Nah you need to get a** to grass”. However, alot of athletes don’t need to train in the deep squat. They can get the same quadricep benefits from half squats.

#5: Bilateral vs Unilateral

This was an extremely important progression tool during the covid lockdown. However, Bilateral and Unilateral is much more than just performing single leg squats. We can also use dumbbells and kettlebells load a single side of the body which a core killer.

Other Progressions:

  1. Tempo
  2. Plane of motion
  3. Chains and Bands

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