Hoka Bondi 7 Shoe Review

Shoe: Hoka Bondi 7

Hoka Bondi 7 Shoe review

Category- Premium Cushion “Neutral”/I would argue more support

Weight- Men sz 10.5 (10.7 Oz)/ Women’s sz 7.5 (8.9 oz)

Heal to Toe Drop: 4 mm

Stack Height (Heel/toe): 31/27 mm (W), 33/29 mm (M)

Preferred Surfaces: Track/Road/Concrete

Cost: $150


My quick opinion: In the beginning of Covid, every healthcare worker was placing curbside pickups for their pairs of Hoka Bondi. These are incredible shoes if you are on your feet all day and need maximum cushion. These shoes are also incredibly useful for individuals with high volume feet(wide and tall).



  • Cushion
    • May be the most cushioned shoe on the market
  • Roomy
    • Great for Wide and tall feet
  • Durability
  • Great for easy runs
  • Makes me 6ft tall
  • Offered in a non slip version


  • Heavy for running purposes
  • Thick upper material
    • Can cause feet to get hot during the summer
  • Looks
  • Too Wide for narrow feet

Comparable Shoes:

  1. Hoka Clifton 7 (~$130)
    • The Hoka Clifton is a more light weight and a slightly softer foam, The only issue with the Cliftons in health care workers and other long term standing is the crash pad(heel) breaks down quickly in the Clifton
  2. Brooks Dyad 11 (~$130)
    • This has a similar straight last with a wide base as the bondi. However, this lacks both the cushion and the height within the shoe of the Bondi
  3. New Balance 840v4 (~$125)
    • similar to the Dyad it shares a similar shape but lacks the cushioned feel.

Who would I recommend the Hoka Bondi For?

As I have mentioned multiple times before in this shoe review, the Hoka Bondi 7 is the ultimate shoe for anyone who has to be standing on their feet all day. It offers the cushion and durability to withstand 12 hour shifts at the hospital. Although it may be a little wide on most, many have found this to be beneficial as their feet swell throughout their shift. As a running shoe I wouldn’t recommend this for most, unless you are only focused on cushioning.

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Shoe Review:KARHU Fusion 2021

Shoe: Karhu Fusion 2021

Category- Neutral Daily Trainer

Weight- 8.8 oz (W) 10.5 oz (M)

Heal to Toe Drop: 6 mm

Stack Height (Heel/toe): 24 mm / 18 mm

Preferred Surfaces: Track and Road

Cost: $140

My quick opinion: This has been one of the best updates I have seen by a shoe year to year. Karhu is a Fleet Feet Exclusive shoe and uses the 3D scans taken in store to design their shoes. The Fulcram through the midsole helps generate some needed motion for some. Overall I’m a big fan of this shoe and their HiVO option is great for people with “tall” feet(High instep Height)





  • Sold in limited locations
  • Lacks color options
  • Unique ride that some dont enjoy

Comparable shoe:

  1. Asics Numbus(~$150)
    • Similiar to the Karhu Fusion the Asics Nimbus has support through the midsole. The Nimbus is a slightly more cushioned model, falling into the premium cushion category
  2. Hoka Clifton (~$130)
    • Hoka Clifton also has a slight rocker to the bottom of the shoe. This shoe will offer a much more cushioned feel
  3. On Cloud Swift ($150)
    • Another rocker bottom shoe with a little more cushion. However this will be a slightly snugger fit

Who would I recommend the Karhu Fusion 2021 for?

This is a great shoe for someone looking for a daily trainer. This is a great hybrid shoe as it offers alittle more support than most neutral shoes but not a true stability shoes. Overall if you are looking for a little extra motion coming from you shoe and dont want a carbon plate this is the shoe for you

Shoe Review: Hoka Rincon 2

This shoe amazes me every-time I pull it for a customer. This shoe is an incredible shoe for speed days, while still maintaining a high level of cushion. Im a huge fan of this shoe for its qualities of high cushion, lightweight and great cost for what you are getting.

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