Myth Busting Monday: Quit Overcomplicating Recovery and Drink Some Milk

With my oblivious nature of never knowing the date I was fooled one too many times on April 1st. However, one of my favorite April’s fools post came from @scientist_with_a_board

Almost all supplements on the market make bold claims of being a new formula, thats going to bigger faster stronger more ripped and a sex machine. Sadly, they are almost all the same and these claims are bold face lies. The truth is there is strong evidence that says something as simple as milk outperforms the leading supplements on the market.

After, sports competition and endurance work, we need to replenish glycogen levels, protein and electrolyte levels. Milk, specifically skim and low fat milk have a unique nutrient composition that make it nearly a perfect recovery drink.

Roy BD. Milk: the new sports drink? A Review. J Int Soc Sports Nutr. 2008;5:15. Published 2008 Oct 2. doi:10.1186/1550-2783-5-15

I love this idea because it shows that recovery doesn’t have to be an expensive and filled with gimmicks. Proper recovery requires, proper sleep, nutrition, and loading. Not fancy massage guns, supplements and compression machines.

How Much Protein do you actually need?

The common saying is 1gram per pound you weigh. However, very few people actually need that much. Research has shown the minimum amount to maintain muscle mass for most adults is 0.8 g per kilogram( 0.37 grams per pound). However, depending on the demands we place on our body and the goals we have, we may need additional protein intake.

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How much water do we actually need?

The importance of water and proper hydration is undeniable. Heck we are made up of majority of water. There is also countless research showing the negative side effects both in daily life and on Athletic Performance caused by dehydration. However, how much water do we actually need?

We have all seen the gym bro’s walking around with their gallons of water. I’m pretty sure we have all wondered do they actually need that much water or are they just using that big jug for some extra curls throughout the day? Or are they just trying to have a weird flex? We get it, you lift…..

The answer is drinking that much water is probably not hurting them, besides making them have to pee every 20 minutes. But drinking that much water is probably over doing it. According to the Interanational sports science association ( @issaonline )water intake should be based off your daily energy expenditure(resting +active calories)

2000 calories: 64-80 ounces
3000 calories: 102-118 ounces
4000 calories: 138-154 ounces
5000 calories: 170-186 ounces
6000 calories: 204-220 ounces

Week 2: 7 “Low Impact Cardio” exercises

Finding exercises that are low impact on your joints while also working your heart is absolutely critical for athletes returning from injury, individuals trying to lose a few pounds or someone just trying to keep their heart healthy. Here are 7 great exercises that will help you accomplish this goal!

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